Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tailoring Booklet - 1945 - Suits and Jackets!

This J&P Coats Clark "Tailoring" Book No S -18 is dated 1945, but this is a second edition and some of these patterns dated from 1947.
But the fabulous looks are timeless. "It is no task to find a fashion appropriate for every occasion and a style becoming to every figure."

Cover...Chesterfield coat - Simplicity 2135. Dressmaker suit - Vogue 6158. Casual suit - McCall 6877.

Man-tailored suit - DuBarry 5787. Casual tailored suit- Simplicity 1186.

Box jacket suit - Butterick 3139. Bolero suit - Vogue 5349. Dressmaker suit 1503.

Princess coat - Advance 3622. Reefer coat - McCall 5758. Chesterfield coat with belt - Simplicity 1087.

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