Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Radio Stars Magazine -1931 - Still...it's her Eyes...

Still...it's her Eyes that make her so completely...so irresistibly...so ravishingly fascinating.

"Lovely figure, beautifully gowned...poise and style...yet, withal, just another mannequin unless her eyes express the fascinating charm of her own unique personality.
She knows well how important is the appearance of dark lashes, delicately shaded lids, and graceful eyebrows, to bring out all the alluring beauty and depth of expression in her eyes. Like five million other clever women, she achieves this natural appearing loveliness quickly and easily with the famous Maybelline eye beauty aids.
Don't let pale, scanty lashes, blank-looking eyelids, and scraggly brows rob you of the glamorous beauty that can be so easily yours with these exquisite yet inexpensive Maybelline preparations.
A few simple brush strokes of Maybelline Eyelash Darkener will instantly transform your lashes into the appearance of long, dark, luxuriant fringe. Tear-proof, non-smarting, and absolutely harmless, it keeps the lashes soft and silky. Delicately shade your eyelids with Maybelline Eye Shadow and see how the color of your eyes is deepened and intensified. Form lovely, expressive eyebrows with the smooth marking Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil. Now behold ...! Your eyes have become twin pools of alluring beauty, expressing your every mood with irresistible charm.
Encourage the natural growth of your lashes by applying Maybelline Eyelash Grower nightly before retiring. Stimulating and beneficial, it is, like all the Maybelline eye beauty aids, absolutely pure and harmless, Try these four effective aids to eye beauty today, They are obtainable in purse sizes at all leading 10¢ stores."

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