Sunday, May 20, 2012

Are You A Person...? Appearance Checklist - 1959

"Complacent neglect on these scores has caused many an attractive woman to look older than she really is - or wants to be."



Whose posture is the best it can be? ------------
Who bathes daily? ------------
Who uses a deodorant or anti-perspirant always? ------------
Who keeps her underarms and legs free from hair? --------
Who washes her face without fail before going to bed? ------------
Who relies on milk, fresh fruits and vegetables as beauty aids? -----------
Who keeps her figure slim and trim with proper foods, regular exercise? ------------
Who keeps her hair radiantly clean and well cared for? ------------
Who plans ahead for permanents and gets them when she needs them? -----------
Who is particular about clean combs, brush, towels and powder puffs? ------------
Who puts fresh make-up on a clean face, never slathering new make-up over old? ------------
Whose bands and nails are clean and well cared for? ----------
Who starts each day with clean hose and under-wear? ------------
Who sews instead of pins herself together?------------
Who wears the right style slip which doesn't show beneath nor through her dress? ------------
Who wears polished, well-fitted shoes with straight heels? ------------
Whose clothes are "ready to go" on a moment's notice? ------------
Who brushes, airs and presses her clothes between wearings? -----------
Who sets a good grooming example for her family? ------------
Who works out a good grooming routine-daily and weekly? ------------


  1. Ouch! Fail :( I am a person who practices complacent neglect :)

  2. Well, now you have been warned. You will look older sooner. And no gal wants that. So get on it missy!