Friday, January 3, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - My Clothes

For today's list our Delineator corespondent looks at her wardrobe. 

                                   My Clothes

  • To develop enough sales resistance to wave away that "too, too divine" feathery  hat which will make me look like an Englishwoman on the Riviera.
  • To own at least one dress or negligee which makes me feel feminine, clinging, luxurious and slightly wicked.
  • To wear good clothes, that fit, even if I have to learn to make them myself. 
  • To be firm with myself at the first sign of "doo-dad" disease (the yen to wear all my bracelets, earrings, clips, ect., ect. - at one time). 
  • To wear, always, the kind of underwear I'd be proud to claim as my own after the train wreck- if any. 
  • To face myself critically in a long mirror before I leave the house and deal promptly with yawning plackets, undecided hemlines and skirts that bulge over the derriere.
  • To risk having runs in my stockings rather than crooked seams due to loose gartering.
  • To get a lift in time at the shoemaker's when my heels start to run down.
  • To keep some dark gloves on hand so I'll never be compelled to carry the light pair that's too smudgy to wear. 
  • To get rid of shabby clothes before my economical streak convinces me they're "good enough to wear around mornings."
  • To tell neither my husband nor my friends what I spend on clothes.
  • To buy six pairs of silk stockings at one time.
  • To pay real money for a foundation garment if my figger needs a lift.
  • To have a tailor press my suits at least once a month.
  • To sew fasteners in my clothes to keep shoulder straps from slipping.


  1. This is great!! The underwear resolution made me laugh out loud!

  2. What a great surprise--to see you are back at it again on this blog, and It's always nice to be reminded about my clothing chores, lest I forget and wear the old stuff every morning!

  3. Love the term 'figger' and dearly wish people would take a hard look at themselves before leaving their house!