Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Civil War Fashions - Engravings from 1864 Ladies Friend Magazine

I have a group of loose sheets from the Ladies Friend Magazine. There are beautiful engravings of then current fashions with trims, hats, embroidery and even hair styles. There are also a few sheets showing music and those have dates of 1864-5. So these are what was being worn during the Civil War.
I am always amazed at the detail and effort what went into clothing. Just consider the trimmings alone, and the large amounts that would be needed. Even of a simple line of crochet had to trim a huge skirt. And so much done by hand. Including everything being washed by hand. Hard to believe.

I have quite a few of these pages so I'll post them over several days. I hope any readers with more knowledge about clothing from this era teach us more.
Take a moment to see all the details. Right click on the image and choose "Open in New Window". Then, to see even closer click once more. (Close that window to return)

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