Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stylish Semi-Made Dresses from Dolly Gray - 1929

The every so stylish Dolly Gray catalog from a 1929 McCall's Magazine brings us a choice of smart dresses semi-made. All the "difficult sewing and tailoring done, such as neckline, collar, pockets, tucks, pleating and all the novel French touches, beautifully finished for you in advance".
All you did was sew up the seams. This gave you "the priceless extra advantage of assuring a perfect fit".
I wonder why this method fell out of favor?


  1. So all I have to do is make it fit--no box pleats-- yet I can still claim I sewed it myself? WHY DON'T THEY MAKE THESE ANYMORE?!

  2. I'm thinking this worked best with the straight lines of this era, but I do have one of these for a girls dress and I bet it could work for kids even now.

  3. Cool idea, it reminds me of the shirt and dress fabrics that are produced in south-east Asia where the collar, cuffs and pocket pieces are pre-embroidered on the yardage, or if batik, they are already laid out on the fabric with unique designs.