Sunday, March 30, 2014

Century - Old Fabrics

In the February issue of Theatre Arts Monthly in 1929 we find an ad for Old Arts. G. O. Neddrie offering Century Old Fabrics.

 "Embroideries, velvets, brocades and damasks of the the XV to XVIII Centuries from the looms and cloisters of France, Spain, Italy, Flanders and England in Gothic, Renaissance and the designs of the masters during XVII and XVIII Century. Fabrics that will lend warmth and color to any room in the inimitable shadings that only age can impart."

I thought this might have been aimed at stage set designers or for costumes. But then I read the next part and I think they were advertising to the upscale folks who were around the theatre. 

"These fabrics are also ingeniously adapted to modern utilities: Book Ends, Picture Frames, Paper Baskets, Cigarette Boxes, Humidors, Cushions, Wall Hangings, Table Runners, Boudoir Boxes"

So now I am heart broken to think of how many priceless fabrics were made into Cigarette Boxes.
(I wasn't able to find out more about G. O. Niddrie, but it was a very prestigious address. Any of you know more?)

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  1. I've been reading some literature from this period and have noticed the lack of sentimentality about old things. Progress was the byword.