Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Is Still In The Air in 1956

The Fashion Editor, Wilhela Cushman, of The Ladies Home Journal offers these suggestions for spring, 1956. 

 "There's an abundance of fashion and the news is flexible...yielding gracefully to your choice as an individual, to your life and your needs."

 "The bow-back jacket with the slim paneled skirt in clear red wool by Arthur Jablow, worn with a black leghorn hat by Sally Victor, patent-leather envelope bag by Greta."
 "The Empire coat with a back bow detail by Charles James. Cape-collar coat in a princess silhouette by Christion Dior - New York."
"The suit with the deep pleats, in greige tweed, graceful silhouette by Philippe Tournaye.  Shiny black straw hat with a red rose by Aldolfo."
"Printed wool town suit in blue and white with a pleated skirt and velvet collar, by Ben Reig. Short blouse-back coat over a dark dress by Vincent Monte-Sano."
"Bolero suit in Prince of Wales plaid wool by Ben Reig, has pale yellow shantung blouse, yellow strawcloth beret, chamois doeskin gloves."
"Bolero silhouette with a pleated skirt, by Hannah Troy. Reefer suit - double breasted jacket with a pleated skirt by Herbert Sondheim." 
"Coat in spring-flower yellow - basket-weave wool with an easy flare, feminine neckline, with a white silk rose, by Arthur Jablow. The white toyo hat is draped with yellow silk by Aldolfo."


  1. This is a funl look at a season right at the junction between the old style 'hour glass' Dior New Look silhouette and a boxier or "A" line modern transition. Also love the illustrations too and the way each set seems to pair up an hourglass look with a newer trend (cool back fullness happening).

  2. Love these! Oh how I wish I was born 30 or 40 years before I was! Thank you for sharing, will pin, hugs x