Thursday, November 5, 2009

"The Hat - That flatters and hugs the head" - 1953

From The Ladies Home Journal in 1953

"New hats are small and sleek, made of glamour fabrics - fur, satin, velvet, and jewel toned velours. Definitely pretty - fashion says, this fall."
By Ruth Mary Packard

Black broadtail beret with braid, made for an autumn-leaf-red wool suit, both by Hattie Carnegie. This sleek little hat is perfect fashion for black costumes or any bright color.

Blond velvet beret and gloves match collar of Hattie Carnegie's suit, bag by Ben King.

Winged toque in satin and velours by Christian Dior - New York, worn with Maximilian's mink jacket, bittersweet velvet gloves.

Passementerie on satin - Lilly Dache's horseshoe helmet worn with Tina Leser's costume of black velveteen with green taffeta bow-blouse and long taffeta gloves.

Pleated wool Paisley in a new turban by Gladys and Belle, with matching gloves, jersey costume by Hannah Troy.

Leopard-velveteen cloche by John Frederics, bittersweet dress by Lotte, Koret bag.

Ruby-red pillbox with a rhinestone pin by Hattie Carnegie. Bracelets of black fox circle the black capeskin gloves.

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