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1920's Masquerade Patterns - Mademoiselle Apache Girl From Gay Paree

"Very dashing and dangerous is the Apache girl, but in this fetching costume she does not look as though she could possibly be as bad as she is painted."

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1920's Masquerade Patterns - A Demure Colonial Miss

"this old-fashioned maid is transformed into a pert little Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary"

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Masquerade Patterns -1920s - The Pictorial Review

Aaannnddd I'm back! The computer and I are both fixed and fine. So to celebrate I have some real goodies for you. These are from a booklet published by The Pictorial Review Company titled Masquerade Patterns. It is undated, but I was able to date a few of the patterns to 1925-27. (If you can get closer please share). These are just wonderful and I'm going to show you them all. I wish I had these actual patterns, you are on your own for that. But I hope you get some inspiration for your own costumes this season!

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Oh dear...what can the matter be?

I'm just fine, but my poor computer has had to go in for service for a whole week. It will be fine too, but it's pretty hard to blog from my iPhone, so I'm going to take a break. We'll both be back in fine form as soon as possible.

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McCall's Magazine - 1964 - Butte Knit Suit - Designed By Neuma Agins for Jonathan Logan

I admit not knowing the name Butte Knit, but I should. According to the Vintage Fashion Guild they were, as part of Jonathan Logan the largest producers of women's clothing in the world during the sixties. And while information was hard to come by for Neuma Agins there is this article that was published in Money magazine talking about some pretty amazing things she did after making a name for herself in the sixties designing wonderful things like this.

"A knit to treasure-and to wear and wear! Marvelously textured tweed with a button down jacket, brass buttons and posh self-facing on the lapels and pockets, Slim skirt. Flat knit overblouse with short sleeves. Double knit wool in ruby red (as shown), royal blue, green olive. Sizes 8 to 20. About $40.

At B. ALTMAN & CO., New York; BURDINE'S, Miami; DAYTON'S, Minneapolis & St. Paul; FREDERICK & NELSON, Seattle; J. W. ROBINSON, Los Angeles; MARSHALL FIELD, Chicago; SANGER-HARRIS, Dallas; WOODWARD & LOTHROP, Washington, D, C.; and all their branches ... and all fine stores everywhere. Or write Butte Knit, 1407 Broadway, New York 18."

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McCall's Magazine - Little Girls' Fashions For The Class Of '64

"The Brightest Little Fashions For The Cutest Little Girls"

Voted the Class Coquette
The sensation of the stag line, Sarah ("Miss Heartbreaker") dresses to please the lads; here, in a flirtatious little bib-front fashion of challis like blue and white check fabric. Betsy Daniels for Shepardess.

Named Our Star Reporters
Known affectionately as The Nose-for-News, Marian recognizes a fashion scoop in her brilliant chrome- yellow dress of twill-weave fabric, with this year's dropped waist and pleated skirt. R.A.R. Moppets.
Another journalist, Janie, just back from a Paris assignment, appears in a couture-inspired frock of Bois de Boulogne green with white accents, front panel pleating, and self-button trim.

Elected Most Sophisticated
Jet-Set Jetta, as her admirers (and they are legion!) call her, is a born fashion leader, always the first with the latest. Here, she previews a brand-new imported cotton that looks exactly like leather, in a dashing coat warmly lined in pile and wool plaid. Gastwirth.
Beneath the coat, Jetta wears pacesetting separates - a smart pleated skirt in plaid wool and an off-white ribbed sweater with a high neck. Girltown.

Crowned Poetess Laureate
Romantic and moody, Eileen loves nostalgic costumes, deep, dark colors. Here, she daydreams in a dress of wineberry-red plaid cotton, pleated from collar to hem. Suzanne Godart for Youngland.

Picked Sportswoman of the Year
A spirited competitor, Joan loves a winning combination, even in color. For example, her bright navy coat, cut like a long pea jacket and brilliantly accented in fashionable chrome yellow. Macwil.

Acclaimed Class Comedienne
Kerry the Comic loves wit and gaiety, selects a merry little wrap around fashion in an entertaining plaid. lt's of a wool-like Orlon and rayon blend, amusingly side-buckled. Cinderella.

Declared Outstanding Orator
Silver-tongued Cathy points with pride to American Fashion, illustrates with a wonderfully chic two-piece sailor dress of navy and gray, with a bright-red tie. Joan Bellew for Kate Greenaway.

Tagged Class Tomboy
An accomplished pugilist, Eileen ("Call me lke, fellows") wins rounds of applause in her Murphy-green melton jumper, trimmed with black braid and worn over a white turtleneck blouse. Belle Frocks.

Chosen Prima Ballerina
Laurie, whose terpsichorean talents range from the classic to the contemporary, swings out on the floor in a bright-red dress with a blouson top and whirling, full-pleated skirt. Betsy Daniels for Shepardess.

Called Most Talented Actress
Maureen, destined to be seen on the wide screen, chooses a perfect ingenue's costume, a navy-and white-check dress with a short-cropped wineberry corduroy jacket. Suzanne Godart for Youngland.

Dubbed Miss Intellect
Kerrie Ann, of the astronomical IQ, presents a brilliant study in green. Her bright Orlon-and-wool jersey has a backing for extra weight, is prolifically accordion-pleated. Peri Wolftnan for Suzy Brooks.

Selected Shyest Girl in Class
Laurie poses reluctantly in a quiet little dress of a wool-like fabric in palest dove gray, with precise navy piping and red-button trim, a small white collar. Robert Love for Joseph Love.

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