Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How To Put On A Bra

Do you know how to put on a bra? "Figure authority Henry Plehn" gives advice here from Cover Girl Fashions Magazine from 1947. ( How does one become a "Figure Authority"?).
Remember..."Each breast should point outward to the right and left".

(a repeat post from 2010)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

You Will Find Pleasure And Comfort In Every Box...

That is a LOT of choices and they come in a Neat Box! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Her Last New Years Resolutions for 1937 - Me, Myself

Our smart Delineator gal saved the best for last. 

                            Me, Myself

  • To try to see the good points in my face, my figure, my disposition, and quit worrying about the flaws I can't do anything about.
  • To confine my raptures about Robert Taylor to my girl friends. 
  • To learn to drive like a man. 
  • To diet, if necessary, without talking about it.
  • To be aware of my high moments and give them all I've got without too much thought of tomorrow. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - My Home

Our Delineator gal makes New Year Resolutions about her home too. 

                          My Home

  • To have two comfortable chairs, each with a good reading light.
  • To smash - of course it was an accident - the hand-painted rose jar his former flame gave us as a wedding gift.
  • To have the furniture re-upholstered, at least once in my lifetime, in the gay colors I adore instead of the drab stuff that won't show dirt. 
  • To let the dust gather, occasionally, if the alternative is all work and no play.
  • To insist on modern kitchen equiptment even if his mother did make perfect biscuits on a coal range.
  • To have one large closet for myself alone. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - My Looks

The Delineator gal turns her resolutions toward her own mirror. 

                            My Looks

  • To buy a fresh supply of cold cream, skin tonic and hand lotion before the old is exhausted.
  • To get myself the face powder I want, no matter what my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas.
  • To cancel all dates, neglect the family darning and go to bed at sunset as soon as my mirror shows I'm getting a "death and taxes" expression. 
  • To take enough exercise so I won't look like a marshmallow.
  • To get a good permanent, or none.
  • To replace the liquid polish on my nails at the first crack.
  • To try a new way of wearing my hair at least once a year, and dye it yellow if I feel like it. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - My Clothes

For today's list our Delineator corespondent looks at her wardrobe. 

                                   My Clothes

  • To develop enough sales resistance to wave away that "too, too divine" feathery  hat which will make me look like an Englishwoman on the Riviera.
  • To own at least one dress or negligee which makes me feel feminine, clinging, luxurious and slightly wicked.
  • To wear good clothes, that fit, even if I have to learn to make them myself. 
  • To be firm with myself at the first sign of "doo-dad" disease (the yen to wear all my bracelets, earrings, clips, ect., ect. - at one time). 
  • To wear, always, the kind of underwear I'd be proud to claim as my own after the train wreck- if any. 
  • To face myself critically in a long mirror before I leave the house and deal promptly with yawning plackets, undecided hemlines and skirts that bulge over the derriere.
  • To risk having runs in my stockings rather than crooked seams due to loose gartering.
  • To get a lift in time at the shoemaker's when my heels start to run down.
  • To keep some dark gloves on hand so I'll never be compelled to carry the light pair that's too smudgy to wear. 
  • To get rid of shabby clothes before my economical streak convinces me they're "good enough to wear around mornings."
  • To tell neither my husband nor my friends what I spend on clothes.
  • To buy six pairs of silk stockings at one time.
  • To pay real money for a foundation garment if my figger needs a lift.
  • To have a tailor press my suits at least once a month.
  • To sew fasteners in my clothes to keep shoulder straps from slipping.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - My Man - If Any

Continuing the resolutions made by the writer in the 1937 Delineator Magazine. Here is her list concerning the Man in her life. 

                                                My Man - If Any

  • To let him walk off with the morning paper because I've ordered another copy for myself. 
  • To flatter him to the point of believing he is a grand cook, so he can prepare the victuals when he invites ten people to dinner on the maid's night out.
  • To make him take care of his own dog even if I must resort to a little well-timed carelessness in feeding the pooch. 
  • To give him advance notice of anniversaries and birthdays, and subtlety be hanged. 
  • To admit I hate prize-fights and cigar smoke.
  • To admire his hair-cut and his new suits, willy-nilly. 
  • To be a veritable lamb and honey-child with women he's interested in, so they'll like me better than they like him. 
  • To develop a few personal extravagances when he starts squandering the family income on stag dinners, green fees and fancy fishing tackle.
  • To encourage him to have his secretary buy gifts for me, so he won't pay outrageous prices in gift shoppes for things I never can use.
  • To make him stop talking about girth and baldness and do something about it. 
  • To have for myself a handsome doctor and a fascinating dentist.
  • To keep him waiting, occasionally, for the good of his soul.
  • To expect orchids (all right, gardenias then) and get them or else---
  • To agree with him, always, in company, but be reasonably firm about my convictions when we're alone. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - Social Life

"New Years Resolutions, with a dash of enlightened selfishness, that will make a new woman out of you." 

This fine advice comes to us from the Delineator's Magazine in 1937. There is no author listed, but she was a pretty smart gal with good advice for then and now.                              

My Social Life
  • To be firm about not entertaining uninvited visiting relatives and friends who bore me. 
  • To teach my maid to lie with convincing charm so I can avoid dull callers and telephone conversations.
  • To keep a list of all books borrowed from me and send postcard reminders to all borrowers. 
  • To leave a dull party early, even if my hostess is counting on me as a fourth at bridge.
  • To yawn openly, start emptying ashtrays and as a last resort, slip into a negligee, and appear in the doorway rubbing cold cream into my hands, if any guests linger on after midnight on weekday nights.
  • To spend my free evening seeing "Lovers Alone" (or it's equivalent) at the movies if the local culture club meetings put me to sleep. 
  • To denounce swing music as cacophonous tripe if I prefer sweet jazz and symphonies.
  • To entertain to suit myself and my budget, no matter what the crowd does.
  • To remember funny stories and repeat them only if I, too, can make them sound funny.

(More tomorrow)