Sunday, June 22, 2014

Be A Continental Sensation!

A few ideas from a Simplicity flyer showing the Summer Scene in 1962. You could be super-feminine in hip-riding pants and a be-ruffled toplet. Or belt a chic beach-dress. Then after you enjoy that day at the seashore you can cover your top and shorts with the skirt so you can go marketing! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Inspiration For Embroidery - Graphics

Our last look at Inspiration For Embroidery by Constance Howard published in 1966. This group are basic shapes, turned with creativity into works of art. Look around you and try seeing as she does.
"Machine Embroidery: an exercise in the use of pure hues. Sister Marie Louie"
"The square and the rectangle divided as a basis for pattern distribution. This may be done symmetrically or asymmetrically, a circular arrangement may be placed within a square and visa versa. These main divisions may be broken down into smaller ones, according to the scale of the design, after which details are worked out."
"Distribution of pattern within the circle and the semi-circle. These lines and areas give only the main direction of movement on which pattern is built up from the broad basis to the fine detail."
"The square. Increased in width by mathematical proportions. The radius of the diagonal gives the next width. Squares spaced equally and unequally. The square cut into squares and rectangles, also divided into squares and rectangles. Embroidered squares using satin stitch and couching. Stitches formed as squares. Fabric cut diagonally and joined. Other diagrams show ideas for using the square."
"Ideas based on bottles. Man-made objects are a good source of designs for embroidery and give an inexhaustible number of ideas."


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inspiration For Embroidery - Animals

More wonderfulness from Inspiration For Embroidery by Constance Howard published in 1966. She looks at animals in color and in the line drawings that inspire. Get busy and show us what you create! 
"A hedgehog worked in various metal threads and padded gold kid." By Jane Page
"Various birds, simplified from reality into semi-geometric shapes."
"Decorative fishes based on the drawing of the carp."
"Cats, simplified for design. Horses from Greek pottery in the Louve. Primitive animal on a pot in the Louve."

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Inspiration For Embroidery

I just got a copy of Inspiration For Embroidery by Constance Howard published in 1966. This is an amazing book and I want to show you many, many pictures. Don't think these are limited to embroidery ideas, she shows you how everything you look at is art and can translate to fabric.
This chapter is called "Special Areas of Design" and she says, "Each area has certain limitations which are a challenge to the designer, in ingenuity of planning and in solving the problem within the limitations imposed by the shape and nature of the particular article."