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"The Jacket Dress" 1934

"The Jacket Dress provides complete costume chic" from McCalls Magazine in June of 1934. Don't miss the descriptions..."fairly glistening with fashion prestige"

No. 7825 Maedchen in a Uniform of Fashion. The Jacket Dress, without which neither you or your popularity will be complete. Ruffles cascade about a demure neckline to form a collar. A split capelet sleeve waves in the wind. The peplum ties appealingly.

No. 7846 Just a jabot! But what a smart difference it makes as it spreads wings from a roundly rolled collar. The dress is trimly tricky. The jacket is short and symmetrical with a split sleeve that is designed to expose a circle of frothy fullness.

No. 7850 The redingote, slim of line, trim of detail! It slips off and you have a dress, subtly soft, freshly formal and fairly glistening with fashion prestige. The link cuff sleeve of the coat expresses the modern mode. The bodice bow is fetchingly feminine.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Country Club Chic" - 1934

"For any sporting occasion" from McCalls Magazine, June 1934. Note that the green and the yellow dress are the same pattern.

No. 7824. Country Club special! A dress that will mark you for attention on any veranda or sauntering along any street. The Buster Brown bow, the sleeve, the pocket all hove a way about them. Buttons march into a colorful closing.

No. 7837. Do you live in a sports silhouette all summer? Well, here is one that will spotlight you in simplicity. The roundly high neckline buttons down as low as you will. Stitched tucks give a straight forward line to the silhouette.

No. 7820. There's more than a dash of magnetism in this lively new sporting silhouette. The haltered sun back is just right for a love set at tennis. A butterfly bow will help you scintillate as you sit bock to enjoy the summer sunshine.

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"Lady of Fashion - Summer Style " - 1934

More from McCalls Magazine, June 1934. The "Lady of Fashion - Summer Style, slim, straight, sheer with crisp touches of white."

No. 7827. Lady of Fashion Summer Style. The new, one sided silhouette is expressed in a ruffled flounce that cuts a chic line across the bodice. The skirt is the latest expression of rhythm in the windswept mode.

No. 7828. The spinning silhouette rotates into a mode of motion! A high in back, pulled to-the-side-in-front neckline provides demure exposure for warmly windy days. Streamer sashes fly from neckline and waistline.

No. 7853. It comes from Irene Dana, this piquant fashion, and brings with it cool charm. The double collar forms a winged jabot. The sleeve ends in a copious cuff. A petal like peplum has an appealing air.

No. 7854. For the woman who chooses her fashions with care and an eye to individuality. The asymmetric neckline emerges into tiered jabot. The sleeve will do you proud atop any table. The skirt is slim and straight.

No. 7847. A fashion so romantic, so glamorous that, willing or not, you will be swept toward many an amour. The collar is a flower-like frame of tiered petals. The sleeve is billowy at the elbow, rippling at the cuff.

No. 7829. Two piece? Not really! For you who like to have your pie and eat it too...a one piece dress with removable peplum. The dropped shoulder line and elbow puffed and cuffed sleeve are smartly in season.

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"Covered Shoulders have a new captivation" - 1934

From a lovely spread in McCalls magazine in June of 1934. The gowns are amazing, as are the descriptions. Please note that the flowered print and the pink are the same dress.

No.7858. Interlude divine, in the day,of a modern maiden. A high neckline .. a covered shoulder will give subtlety to your appeal. And when you rise, your cue is rhythmic motion.

No. 7839. Femininity is on parade at eventide. Shoulder ruffles cascade into a capelet. A wide sash is softly definitive. But the secret of the Augusta Bernard chic lies in the tiered skirt.

No. 7852. The dinner hour has become fashionable for its intime atmosphere. The collar is set to stand in calla-lily
fashion. The bodice is a clinging contour that shapes into a vee waistline.

No.7857. Dancinq dress in the Mainbocher manner! The cushion collar exposes the crest of the shoulder as it cradles the arms. A butterfly bow and a vee decolletage are captivating.

How I look during my "Hours of Leisure"

Just whip this out and darn in some angora for the floral decorations...then relax in style!

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Butterick Fall Holiday Fashions - 1955

Slim or Full skirts, in great fall colors, getting ready for the season!

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"Excuse My Dust"

It's a long story, but we have been in one place for a long time and are finally on the road last!

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Originator - Smart Fashions - 1946 (Part 5)

While you are looking over these sketches don't miss the hats, shoes and hair-dos!

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Originator - Smart Fashions - 1946

This is an amazing booklet - Originator - Smart Fashions Vol. VIII from Summer and Fall 1946, The Fashion Editor is Florence Hort and it was published by Originator Publishing Co. in New York. This has paper covers laced together with cording. I'll post more from this treasure, stay tuned!

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More Anny Blatt de Paris - Haute Couture Knit Wear 1952

Here's the back cover and a few more saucy french girls showing off the latest knitwear.

And I don't know just how French this gal is, but I couldn't resist including her!