Monday, April 30, 2012

Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Feature?

"Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Feature?" "It's so easy to give your eyes their full share of beauty-magic - with MAYBELLINE!"
"Then behold the difference! Your eyes are so much lovelier!"

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stout Women May Wear Draped Skirts - 1913 McCall's Magazine

Stout Women May Wear Draped Skirts. Well, I'm sure we're all glad to hear that.

But once again please do take a moment and look at the details. That buttoned tab on the front of skirt, the narrow pleats down from the waist and the bit of a train on our seated lady, that amazing little back drape on our third lady and the contrast collar, cuffs and hem on the 'Tunic Shirt'. How grand. And all on Stout Women!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Something to Remember - Vita-Fluff Shampoo

You don't even have to show her just know that Vita-Fluff will make hair look like a orchid. Or something. Anyway it's a nice picture of the flower.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Line on Lingerie - from Glamour Magazine in 1943

This collection runs from a set for honeymoon breakfasts to pajamas for a gal who's strictly tailored even in bed. Which one is your favorite?

1. Party petticoat Puts rustle in your rumba, gives skirts crisper lines. Red, white, black checks, red bows. Bur-Mil rayon taffeta. By Iris. Bonwit Teller, $3.95 2. Sunday-best slip: beautifully tailored in Bur-Mil rayon crepe with amusing Scotties cross-stitched in blue. Blue lattice work shapes bodice cleverly. In tearose. By Yolande. Saks-Fifth Avenue, $3.95 3. A housecoat to make you feel as fresh as a daisy the minute you slip it on. Of white cotton wide-wale pique with pert ruffles of crisp eyelet embroidery edging the neck, sleeves and pockets. At Best, $10.95 4. For a girl who's strictly tailored even in bed: red and white checked cotton pajamas. Shaped jacket, white frog closing. By Collegiate. Lord & Taylor, $2.95 5. Cut for good behavior: slip that won't twist or ride up, guaranteed for a year. Tearose acetate rayon crepe. By Stardust. Janice Shops, 167 W. 34 St., $1.39 6. Rose rayon taffeta slip: no underarm or over-hip seams to ridge under dresses. By Miss Priority. McCreery, $1.29 7. Half-pint percale pajamas do double duty on the beach or in bedroom. Jaunty blue stripes. Bamberger's, Newark, $2.50

8. Sweet nightgown by Yolande to match slip No. 2. Saks-Fifth Ave., $5.95 9. Knee-deep in rosebuds and blue bows: sheer cotton batiste pajamas, soft ruffled pinafore top. Lord & Taylor, $1.95 10. Lightweight pinafore-nightie: flowered cotton batiste. Lord & Taylor, $2.95 11 - Blue appliqued posies. Pink rayon satin Movie Star slip. Saks-34th St., $1.39 12. A gown with shapely bodice, full skirt, works figure magic. White rayon crepe, eyelet trim. By Iris. Lord & Taylor, $7.95 13. Matching robe, for honeymoon break-fasts. By Iris. At Lord & Taylor, $10.95 14. Fine trappings for a trousseau. Pink rayon crepe slip, white lace edge. By Formula. Famous Fashion Shops, $2.98 15. Fits like your own skin. Rose-Petal Slip in tearose. Guaranteed for a year. Htitzler Brothers, Baltimore, $1.49 16. Pussywillows scamper on crinkly cotton pajamas. Don't iron; wear 'em fresh from the line. By Co-Jama. Stern's, $2.98 17. White cotton panties, rosebud-printed. Gimbels, Philadelphia, 54 cents 18. The way to lovely hands: at bedtime smooth on hand cream, slip into pink cotton sleeping, gloves. Elizabeth Arden. $2

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Huaraches - The Sandals That Made Mexico Famous.

You know I love me some ads, but this has to be one of my favorites ever. From Glamour Magazine, April of 1943 this ad is for Huaraches "for every precious playtime hour" to be ordered from The Old Mexico Shop which was in business in Santa Fe till 2009.
Don't miss the ad copy here. It's an example of fine advertising at it's best. Just remember For "Huaraches, "just say "Wah-rah'-chez".

When the postman delivers your pair of these famous imported sandals you'll begin to enjoy new sensations in real foot ease and comfort, and new pride in wearing something so truly original and handmade. The weavers of our STEERHIDE HUARACHES never repeat a pattern, and this is something that can be said of no other sandal in the world. It is a tribute to the Indian sandal-maker and to the good taste of the wearer.
The Indian Huaracheros use real leather only, honest leather that nature, and the backs of their own tough oxen, gave them. Unpolished and undyed, it has a beautiful light beige tone that turns deeper with wear. (Actual color photo.)
A product of the hot, rough country of southern Mexico, they are reinforced for rough going, and air conditioned against summer's heat.
The Steerhide that gives them stamina also gives YOU comfort, for the soft, fresh feet of supple leather thongs relaxes tired feet as nothing else can.
For "Huaraches, "just say "Wah-rah'-chez"
$2.95 is the price of this Bench-Made Sandal imported from our good neighbor Mexico and still available from us at no increase in price.
Easily fitted. We have all sizes for ladies and gentlemen in narrow, medium or wide lasts. Merely mention your shoe size, and if convenient send tracing of foot outline. Pure white leather is also available but only in plain weave and pattern.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Custom Scarfs - 1947 Cover Girl Fashions

These beauties were from Custom Scarfs Inc. in New York (215 West 40th Street if that means anything to anybody). They were also known as Wesley Simpson Custom Scarves. He was very a very influential designer of textiles, and was married to Adele Simpson. He commissioned famous artists and designers of the day for his scarves and other printed fabrics.

In searching this company I found that Linus Pauling bought 2 scarves and one stole (he wrote a check). And there is another ad here from the Miami News.

I wish we could see these clearer, or better yet, see them in person. It wouldn't it be great to match the scarfs with the designers? Any guesses?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fabulous Forties Suits - She Magazine 1947

Suits Are Sculptured, Suits are Curvaceous, Suits are Urban and Suburban. And who can argue? The best thing about the Forties was those suits. Take some time and look at those details.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hats - By And For Americans - 1947 - She Magazine

So many hats...all from this 1947 She Magazine. Make no mistake these are American women wearing American designers. "The styles on the following pages, all whipped up on this side of the Atlantic, clearly prove that American designers cook up as delectable concoctions as the Paris milliners."

"Spring advocates more hat and less foolish-ness."

"Cover Story - Synonymous with Easter...the soft navy suit illustrated on cover. Tenderly tailored to emphasize the feminine curves of your figure, it is collared with demure scallops. A Swansdown suit about $50. B. Altman"

"THE styles on the following pages, all whipped up on this side of the Atlantic, clearly prove that American designers cook up as delectable concoctions as the Paris milliners. They are pretty as American women are pretty. Their clean cut lines, their high style fit in with the good looking American designed clothes that American women wear. They are expensive, but we have selected them because they represent the artistry of some of our finest designers. They are trends. The Spring breezes will also blow on less extravagant models.
Spring advocates more hat and less foolishness. Off the face models have been accepted, applauded and adapted in all price ranges. Brimmed hats sit firmly back on the head. Not even the swoop down on the eye types lose face. There is a great deal of action behind the back of the head ... making exits as entrancing as entrances. The overstuffed look of winter has given way to straight adorned prettiness. Crisp ribbons are used by the yard in an unbelievable range of color . . . plus plaids, stripes and novelties. Flowers spring up in profusion. Veiling, maline and net come in for rapt attention."

Friday, April 20, 2012

Donna Reed - SHE Magazine 1947

We have a copy of SHE Magazine from April 1947. This small magazine is a bit of a mystery, I couldn't find out much about it, but the editor was Jane Harrold, published by Benj. J. Weissman, none of whom I could find out about. But this issue features Donna Reed who we all remember (well, those of us who are over a certain age).
Here we have Donna showing us her outfits from Sunup to Sundown. Wasn't she pretty?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Necessary Things in 1901 -Woman's Home Companion

Here's our last look at the goodies from this slice of history. These are a few things you needed to make your life better.

And my personal favorite...

I was going to add this company to my tag list...but I thought it might lead to problems. ;-)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1901 Fashions from Women's Home Companion

"These artistic garments have a certain elegance which has not been approached in many eras of fashion, and the long loose coats in particular, whether of cloth or silk, are not only comfortable, but elegant and altogether bewitching."

Monday, April 16, 2012

Corsets from 1901 - Woman's Home Companion

I have a wonderful April 1901 copy of Woman's Home Companion magazine. It's chock full of treasures, but as always it's the ads that are the best. One thing you always find is ads for corsets. Look at this batch and consider how you'd be able to fit in one of these. Kinda scary thought!

"It is hygienic and beautiful."

"For elegance and ease".

"the only corset in all the world that does reduce a too high abdomen...".

"Cannot break at the waistline."

"The only stylish corset worn."

"...will give the straight-front effect without discomfort to the wearer."

And if you are having trouble fitting into your corset try these.

"For bathing at the lakes or seashore their buoyancy will keep your head above deep water."

"Cures Female Troubles"