Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dramatic Play Clothes - 1957!

I think these are terrific...just need a Cabana Boy!


  1. This loaded kinda slow so for a minute all I could see was the title "Dramatic Play Clothes", I have to say that is not what I was expecting. I guess dramatic means something different now...

  2. Were you expecting S+M, Bondage? What passes for drama these days?

  3. YahA! I know I am 2 years late for this conversation. But, I have this pattern. The Envelope is Dramatic in itself. Historically speaking, during this era. Yes, these are dramatic pool side frocks. I say this for 2 reasons. The big screen was not like it is today. Movies were all about the costume, and people were swept away by these wonderful pictures and sights on the big screen. So, if you were a woman who existed in that day, trust me drama was the look you were aiming for. These are so dramatic when you think about it, they were in the likeness of the days drama.

    Here is a movie that everyone has seen, Cleopatra. The movie is almost 5 - 6 years after this pattern was printed. And the story Cleopatra was told with costume changes almost every scene change. Liz Taylor's Costumes were drama, and they also wound up reflecting in the fashions of the era.

    No, it does not have to scream sex, danger to drama. This reflects the drama, the beach movies of the time.

    Great blog and you have incredible insight!

    :Love it