Monday, December 7, 2009

"If you want a coat with snap and individuality" - Charm Magazine 1944

"well worth looking for"


    "B. W. Harris, a privately-held, family-owned manufacturer of men's outerwear, was founded in St. Paul by Barney W. Harris (1886-1933) in 1916. The company began as a manufacturer of fur, sheepskin, leather, and textile outerwear, and was also a wholesaler of raw furs. Its Zero King line was established in 1917. In later years the company became a manufacturer of nationally distributed outerwear and sportswear for men, women, and children, much of it under the Zero King label. The main thrust of the business through the years seems to have been men's coats and jackets, primarily marketed to young, affluent urban professionals.

    In 1971 the headquarters office was moved from Lowertown, St. Paul, to suburban West St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1978 B. W. Harris was sold to Palm Beach, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio), becoming an autonomous division of that firm. The following year B. W. Harris took over management of Powderhorn Mountaineering (Jackson Hole, Wyo.), another Palm Beach unit. In 1983 the Harris family repurchased the company.

    By the 1990s B. W. Harris was producing mostly for private labels, and was no longer manufacturing in Minnesota."


  2. Wow, I love learning about things like this! Thanks a ton.