Sunday, February 7, 2010

"It rids women of one of their miseries" - Q.D. Corset Clasp - 1889

"While I am unalterably opposed to corset wearing, I do not hesitate to say that women who wear them will do well to substitute the Q.D. Clasp for those now in use." - Annie Jenness Miller, Dress Reformer
I knew there were people who spoke out against tight corsets and lacing, but I don't think I'd heard the term Dress Reformer. There is more information here and here. And here is an article by and some history (and a picture) about Annie Jenness Miller...who was a very interesting woman.


  1. What a fascinating piece. What I'd also love to find out is what made these QD hooks different from the old hooks. The drawings concentrate rather more on conveying the pained/ relaxed expression of corset lady than the hooks themselves!

  2. Where exactly did you find this? Is it archived somewhere I can locate?