Thursday, February 17, 2011

Delineator Magazine - 1888 Hall's Bazar Portable and Adjustable Dress and Skirt Forms

"Endorsed and recommended by all Fashion Publishers as being a long-felt want admirably supplied."
And this must be true because:
"We consider these the most perfect Forms ever introduced, and cheerfully recommend them to our customers everywhere. THE BUTTERICK PUBLISHING COMPANY [LIMITED]"

MISS MEDDLESOME (to her mamma).--Ah! We have now discovered the secret or her gracefully draped dresses, which have been the envy or our lives. Look! She has HALL'S BAZAR FORM. We shall send for one at once! It can be adjusted to fit either of us.

MISS FASHION PLATE (soliloquising).-The effect Is simply charming. It would have been Impossible to produce this result without HALL'S BAZAR PORTABLE FORM. I can now make over and drape my own dresses and not become worn out standing for the dressmaker. This Form was a happy thought, and is worth more than Its weight In gold to ladies easily fatigued by standing.


  1. What a lovely ad, much clearer and more detailed than mine from 1894 Delineator. I'm working on a
    Steampunk post focusing on Victorian through turn-of-the-century imagery and came across your great ad while conducting research. My blog spotlights sewing, art, pop culture, and history: Toile La La.

    1. Oooh, I like your blog!
      I'll be hanging around, it's right up my alley.