Saturday, July 7, 2012

Why worry about RUNS in your nylons? - The Hinz's Mender

"RUNS - Why Worry with the New Hinz's Magnetic Automatic Hosiery Mender?
They can be mended in a jiffy. Reknits the original stitch."

"The only mender which can be operated by an amateur."

Really? Read these instructions and I dare you to figure out how to use this thing. It starts with a small wineglass...and you'll need a large one for drinking by the time you get your first nylon repaired.

Remember, "Now lay mender down while you stretch the runner as tight as possible lengthwise - but not crosswise. This is the most important part of the operation."

But if you cannot work this, "You are not completing your stroke clear up and clear down."

I think I'll leave it there.


  1. That's a hook, so I'm guessing they want us to re-hook the ladder back up to the top, as for the rest, I can see this is why they invented instructional videos!
    What happened to using clear nail polish to stop the snag BEFORE it started to run?

  2. Ahh, the nail polish repair. I have done that a time or two. But by the time I was old enough to hook anything other that tights the blessed panty hose arrived. They got runs too, but they also came three to a package.