Monday, August 20, 2012

Fay Stockings - No Supporters, No Garters - 1902

Fay Stockings - Something New, Something Good "for women, boys and girls." "Perfection for babies".
And of course the "best non-poisonous dyes"!


  1. Wow, those actually look comfortable, and possibly convenient. Not to mention, non-poisonous is an attribute I look for in all my underthings.

  2. So, they didn't come in poison green, eh? I think it was arsenic that was used back then to get green, back then when being in an unventilated hot room with green wallpaper really could kill you.

    Those look great. I remember my grandmother complaining that she always had to fight her sisters for garters in the morning when they were getting dressed as someone always forgot where she'd put hers the night before. These look much more comfortable. And, if one runs, that's all you lose, unlike pantihose.