Friday, December 14, 2012

A Few Unmentionables for Christmas - 1960

A few more images from the 1960 Florida Fashions Catalog. Here are some lovely lingerie and frilly things to brighten the holidays!


  1. What I find interesting is the line, "For gifting, or getting!"

    I thought people had only started saying "gifting" instead of "giving" in the last few years. But obviously it has been around for quite a while and I shouldn't let it annoy me!

  2. So lovely! Would love to see any of these under my Christmas Tree :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these. Vintage catalogs are such a great source of information about the clothes that ordinary people were wearing. I was in high school in 1960, but I didn't realize or remember that colored tights were available (except for dancers, etc.) and worn before the mini-skirt made them a part of my every-day wardrobe. Maybe they were more necessary in the cold-weather parts of the country. Love your blog!