Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrilling New Plan - A Dress for You - Just Order Three! - 1946

What an Amazing New Plan from Harford Frocks! Just get orders for three dresses from your friend, neighbors, or members of your family and get a dress or suit! Your Choice of More Than 100 Styles. "You can get your complete wardrobe easily, quickly and without cost, and also earn good money for spare time work if you wish."

But there is that one thing.."Due to today's conditions we may not be able to send it at once.." But the catalog "Big Style Presentation will be rushed to you.

Just don't count on those dresses.


  1. I have actually seen a Harford Frocks sales brochure and application to sell Harford Frocks. This ad doesn't make it very clear, but it's an inducement to order, not the dresses, but the information on how to sell Harford Frocks door-to-door. Sell three dresses to your friends, and get one dress for yourself. The 1920s brochure I saw was very impressive, with nice photographs of the dresses -- and apparently they were still in business in the 1940s, so somebody must have sold some! I love the things you find!