Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Cases Of Good Husbandry

So when's the last time you saw an ad that quoted Virgil? 

(Don't miss that the shirts have an "eternal air of correctness", and that the pyjamas add "a lot to the pleasure of sleeping" and "If It Shrinks We Replace"!)

"Good Husbandry (the first of blessings, according to Virgil's Georgics) is to know how to separate wheat from chaff: how to select sound stock: how to choose good things that last well."
 "Like many of the best things of life - claret, wood and leather are examples - Clydella does more than last well: it improves with age: it weathers. This is a good reason for buying shirts, and pyjamas, in Cydellas."

"Clydella Town-and-Country Shirt"
"These are also weekend and everyday, winter and summer shirts. They have no close season. They are smooth, slightly on the lightweight side: hence their eternal air of correctness. They are made in a good range of close checks, dogstooth such as you see here, and plain colours. 49/6

"Cydella Pyjamas"

"These have a softness and lightness - and yet a great warmth - that adds a lot to the pleasures of sleeping. They may be had in both flamboyant and discreet stripes and in good straight colors. 59/6 Your usual store should have their Autumn stocks in now."

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