Friday, May 23, 2014

You Need Not Wear Another Single Thing!

 "Bon Ton Lingerie Plastique and your frock - that's all!" 
"...does away with overlapping thickness of vest, girdle, brassiere, pantie or bloomer."
 No boning this must have been pretty daring. And not too popular since I can't find any other references for the name 'Plastique'. But maybe some of that was the cost. $12.50 in 1929 is about $168.00 today, a bit pricey.  
Found in McCall's Magazine, October, 1929. 


  1. Fascinating! I wonder if this was rubberized cotton or silk like the body stockings of the 60s: something to keep everything from jiggling around while looking like you're wearing nothing. I just love the attached, and very modest, bloomers.

  2. 1929 Spanx! Love your content - frequent visitor.

  3. Spanx! Of course. And that would explain the price too. Women wil pay for results.

  4. Interesting, Lastex would have been introduced around this time and I wonder if this is an early stretch fabric using the yet unbranded Lastex technology (?) The term 'plastique' certainly implies some sort of stretch might be going on here (besides a bias cut).

  5. It makes sense, I can't imagine going from the strict cinching of the day to something with absolutely no support.