Sunday, June 22, 2014

Be A Continental Sensation!

A few ideas from a Simplicity flyer showing the Summer Scene in 1962. You could be super-feminine in hip-riding pants and a be-ruffled toplet. Or belt a chic beach-dress. Then after you enjoy that day at the seashore you can cover your top and shorts with the skirt so you can go marketing! 


  1. You are sure working my memory cells, girl!!
    I made & wore the first two piece outfit when I met my husband to be--2 years later I wore the middle shift when expecting my 1st child !!
    I never got to the sophisticated outfit!!
    Thanks again for your great site !!

  2. At least 1962 was hip. My hay-days were the mid-seventies. Not a fashion era you'd want to revisit. ;-)

  3. I can't help but notice how the illustrator was channeling Jackie O in that middle figure--what a fashion icon she was, even in subtle ways like this!