Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Costumes Parisiens" from 1831 - Three Fabulous Gowns!

This trio just gets better the more you look. The shoulders, that hair-do(!), the hats and the amazing amount of work that it took to make these pieces. Please do click twice and imagine the team of people it took to achieve this.

Would the white ensemble have been a wedding dress?


  1. Wow, what a great fashion plate. So often the 1830s are just ignored by everyone due to the overwhelming love of regency or the hoop era. But really, how frothy and beautiful are these dresses?

  2. the white dress would more likely have been for a debutante, Queen Victoria started the trend for white wedding dresses she married in 1937.

  3. Thanks, I wondered about that. When the custom start of wearing white to be presented at court? And I know about the three white feathers, but when did that start?
    So many didn't know there would be a quiz did you? ;-)