Monday, June 27, 2011

Radio Stars Magazine -1931 - Fashion Parade - Harriet Hilliard, Alice Faye

Fashion Parade Arranged by Helen Hover

Smart clothes make smart women and vice versa.
1. Just glance of Harriet Hilliard in this charming block velvet Sunday night gown. Note the simple clinging lines (to emphasize all its dramatic allure) and the little puff sleeves and high neckline. The picture hat is just the thing to bring out all the glamour in this outfit.
2. Her black ski suit is very boyish-from the double-breasted jacket to the bright yellow turtleneck roll on the sweater.
3. How those boyish styles do bring out all the femininity in the gal! Do you wonder at her nonchalance in these smart aquamarine velvet lounging pajamas?
4. Observe this black satin evening gown that Harriet is enhancing with that figure. Fits very snugly and is enlivened by silver fox epaulettes.
5. Alice Faye shows you why the Mandarin pajama suit is so popular. The jacket is vivid lacquer red. Black satin trousers add the final intriguing note.
6. The little red ski suit is adopted from the styles of the Tyrolian mountain climbers. Notice the smart white laces and flat collar.
7. Alice's black satin and net evening gown has that sleek poured-into look that outlines the natural contour of her figure to the knees, then strikingly flares out into graceful widths of net.
8. The black wool jacket of this natty sport suit has a swagger flare and is just finger-tip length. The sporty black and white checks of the skirt are repeated in the perky ascot.


  1. Did you know that Harriet Hilliard later became Mrs. Ozzie Nelson, mother of Davie & Rick? Rick's middle name was Hilliard.