Monday, August 1, 2011

Paris Fashion - 1955 Spring Lines on Street Corners - Givenchy and Dior

"Spring Lines on Street Corners" from Realities Magazine May 1955
"Four out-of-doors ensembles from the current collections"
Photographs by Sante Forlano

"No 1332," an ensemble by Givenchy with a new formula: a three-quarter coat, sleeveless and boat-necked, in a warm beige tweed, worn over a wool jersey suit in the same shade. The silk umbrella is by Vedrenne.

"Anglomanie:" two pieces that look like three are something to sing about, A long-torsoed dress by Dior in black and white Glen plaid becomes an almost classic suit when its jacket is buttoned up. New points: the longer back of the jacket over the pleated skirt. Worn with a yellow straw beret.

"No 4298:" a wide stand-away collar with its triple-fold bow is the headline news of this natural Glen plaid suit by Givenchy. The collarless three-quarter coat in a darker beige fleece is straight and simple. the cap matches the suit. Her leather bag is by Hermes.

"The A Dress," a pearl for the oyster: a dark gray flannel suit by Dior. The long double-breasted jacket, slit on the side, pyramids over a wide-pleated skirt held out by a petticoat. Hat in white felt.
(Photograph taken in front of Marius restaurant, 9, rue de Bourgogne, Paris)

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  1. Ilove the suit in the third picture. the extra wide colar is very chic.