Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad Fashion Choices in 1955

While many fashions of the mid-fifties are wonderful there were also things like this. "Serbin of Miami pairs corduroy shorts with an egyptian cotton blouse and cummerbund, for your "at home" hours. About $14, at leading stores." Purple corduroy shorts??? Oh,well.
(BTW the Serbin of Miami folks were really from Fayetteville, Tennessee. Figures.)


  1. I spent my teens in the 80s, so purple corduroy doesn't seem *that* weird. On the other hand, corduroy shorts ... well, that does!

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  3. I think this falls under the "you know you're old when you understand this vintage fashion." This was a bit outre for the average woman, probably reserved for the young housewife or recently married as older women wore house dresses, mostly in frumpy flowery prints. Note the frills on the blouse, all the better to enhance the bust. And the knee length bermuda shorts as anything shorter was considered vulgar for a grown woman to wear. And the upturned toes on the Aladdin slippers which were in vogue at the time. Corduroy? Well, it was pre-wash and wear, so corduroy was a good choice for something you didn't have to iron and it looked casual compared to the usual crisp cottons and linens.

  4. My aunt worked at the Serbin Dress Factory in Fayetteville, back in the day. I was born there, too.