Thursday, January 3, 2013

Make this Charming Hat - 1936

This Winged Hat is from Home Arts Needlecraft Magazine in 1936. These instructions sound a little complex to me, but maybe you can try. The hat is worth it!


  1. great hat. I think they want us to sew a 'bag' that is 18" wide x 9" deep. The 9" sides are sewn together to make this bag, the top 18" edges are finished with binding to make them 'perky'. Put this bag on your head and pin your head shape, then sew that seamline. To get the pleats, press the triangular flaps like a fan and press.
    Now put this 'hat' on and arrange the pleated flaps like the drawing. Me-thinks wire would help this idea out alot, or we all run the danger of looking like a Mickey Mouse with triangular ears, ummm, not so cute.

  2. So maybe we could practice with a paper bag? You try it and let us know how that turns out. ;-)