Sunday, January 5, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - My Home

Our Delineator gal makes New Year Resolutions about her home too. 

                          My Home

  • To have two comfortable chairs, each with a good reading light.
  • To smash - of course it was an accident - the hand-painted rose jar his former flame gave us as a wedding gift.
  • To have the furniture re-upholstered, at least once in my lifetime, in the gay colors I adore instead of the drab stuff that won't show dirt. 
  • To let the dust gather, occasionally, if the alternative is all work and no play.
  • To insist on modern kitchen equiptment even if his mother did make perfect biscuits on a coal range.
  • To have one large closet for myself alone. 

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  1. Love this! At 21 I married an older man who had a former wife and a couple of kids. One time when he brought the boys to us for the weekend he also brought dishes, ones he and his ex had used and she was replacing. We didn't have a lot of dishes at the time. However, I hated them both for how they looked and for what they represented and I smashed them - the whole box, one at a time - on the kitchen floor while the guys were watching TV in the living room. No one ever said a word about it to me. It felt wonderful!