Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Her New Years Resolutions in 1937 - Social Life

"New Years Resolutions, with a dash of enlightened selfishness, that will make a new woman out of you." 

This fine advice comes to us from the Delineator's Magazine in 1937. There is no author listed, but she was a pretty smart gal with good advice for then and now.                              

My Social Life
  • To be firm about not entertaining uninvited visiting relatives and friends who bore me. 
  • To teach my maid to lie with convincing charm so I can avoid dull callers and telephone conversations.
  • To keep a list of all books borrowed from me and send postcard reminders to all borrowers. 
  • To leave a dull party early, even if my hostess is counting on me as a fourth at bridge.
  • To yawn openly, start emptying ashtrays and as a last resort, slip into a negligee, and appear in the doorway rubbing cold cream into my hands, if any guests linger on after midnight on weekday nights.
  • To spend my free evening seeing "Lovers Alone" (or it's equivalent) at the movies if the local culture club meetings put me to sleep. 
  • To denounce swing music as cacophonous tripe if I prefer sweet jazz and symphonies.
  • To entertain to suit myself and my budget, no matter what the crowd does.
  • To remember funny stories and repeat them only if I, too, can make them sound funny.

(More tomorrow)