Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Measuring for 1921 Butterick Patterns

Here we have more from "The New Dressmaker" put out by Butterick in 1921. These are the measurement guidelines you need, even for your doll. 

"It is absolutely essential that you buy your pattern by the right size. In no other way can you be sure of securing the perfect lines of the original design. The right size will save you time because it means there will be no unnecessary fitting. It will save your material. A size too large takes more material than you require while a size too small might make your dress unwearable. Insist on being measure each time you buy a pattern. New corsets or an unsuspected change of weight may have altered your bust, waist or hip measure. Before buying a pattern put on your best corsets and lace them properly. Wear a waist or dress that fits nicely. Never be measured in old corsets, over your coat, or in a clumsy dress or a negligee."

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