Friday, April 25, 2014

Singer Sewing Machine Attachments from 1906

This little booklet is the "Instructions for Using The Singer Manufacturing Co's Attachments  - Style No. II for No. 27 Machine" and it was reissued in Oct. 17, 1906. The engravings are beautiful! 
The attachment case would have been wood and rolled into a square, with everything fitting in just so. 


  1. There are few things in life I lust after, but that roll up wooden box of Singer tools is one of them. Don't have a machine that old, but I still want the tools. I'm still looking (half heartedly as there's really no space), but still looking, for the perfect machine with the perfect decals. If it shows up, I'll make room. And a sock knitting machine. If I were younger, I'd be Steampunk as I love old shiny things that work well and tools of all sorts, and vintage clothes. Wonder what the world would make of a geriatric steampunk?

    Thanks for the pics. Anyone ever bound scallops like that? Mine never turn out so nice.

    1. I have three of them, though none are in perfect condition - found on eBay. I love the ingenious way these roll up and hold all of the feet and tools. This booklet is invaluable to figuring out the uses for the tools! What a find!

  2. wow, what a wonderful resource this booklet is! I keep an old (but lovely) straight stitch machine around, just for those confusing but awesome attachments. Now I'll have to dig it up and use this booklet to get them working correctly.

  3. It is a marvelous little booklet with explanations on how to use each of these feet. If anyone is interested it is for sale. Just email me.