Thursday, July 3, 2014

Paris Fashions for French Seamstresses - 1953

I just got some French women's magazines, this one les Veillees des Chaumiers which Google translates as Evenings Thatched Cottage. This magazine started in 1898 and continues today aimed at senior citizens. But this issue from March 7, 1953 looks to be read by a young housewife. And a stylish one at that. Here are some patterns you could order for the slim skirt with fabulous pockets, the blouse with amazing scallop bodice or the collection of spring jackets, each one a treasure. 
(I don't speak French at all so if someone can help out it would be appreciated.)


  1. The cover is advertising a story called Two Loves (Deux amours), the text in red on the second page says "A Skirt, A Blouse," and the third has "Vests for Spring." I can't see the tiny text, unfortunately! But if you have a bigger version, I'd be happy to translate :)

  2. Oh, and the text on the red bar on the cover asks, "Are young marriages happy ones?" The little red text on the second page advertises "Our prime pattern!" I'd translate the title as "Evenings in the Thatched Cottage" myself.

  3. Thanks so much...your translations make much more sense, especially "Evenings in the Thatched Cottage". Sometimes Google Translate isn't very helpful. :-)
    There are more posts from these magazines coming so stay tuned.