Saturday, July 5, 2014

French Fashions from 1951

This is a selection from the March 25, 1951 issue of les Bonnes Soirees (Good Evening) magazine. We have New Trends in Paris and then a Flower Plate hat you can make. (I have no French at all, so please chime in)


  1. “The Cage,” by Jacques Heim
    A white linen scarf, printed with black designs, is draped over a little rattan cap and falls to the shoulder.

    “Sophie,” by Maggie Rouff.
    In green and blue Scottish shantung, this dress with full sleeves is decorated with two large lapels of pique. Assorted gloves.

    “Manila,” by O'Rossen.
    Straight in the front, this yellow woolen coat has a slight fullness in the back. The kimono yoke is cut [in a decorative pattern, I assume] on the edge.

    “Jack of Spades,” by O'Rossen.
    A suit in a very new line, in a pepper-and-salt grey wool. An inlaid front, striped in light grey, reaches to the bottom of the coat.

    [This is fun!]

  2. This IS fun! It's so nice to know what was really being said instead of guessing. Thanks so much.