Sunday, July 12, 2009

Style Your Own Wardrobe - 1962

Now, make magic. But be sure to avoid "thoughtless color selection".
(Notice that "emphasize your individuality" is the last rule.)

"Always aim for a well-rounded wardrobe which can be used for all occasions. This does not necessarily mean a large one. But it does mean a related one, with a few carefully selected fashions and appropriate accessories.
Color is especially important to a smart wardrobe. Always choose a color with your entire wardrobe in mind. Thoughtless color selection can prove expensive. Begin by choosing a basic color. It should be becoming and combine well with other colors. Usually a color dark in value, creating a neutral effect will be most pleasing. Black, navy blue and brown are favorites. Add another color that combines well with it for interesting touches. Use the basic color for your coat, suit and some of your dresses as well as your expensive accessories. Introduce a bright and unusual color in small amounts through less expensive accessories, blouses, skirts, and dresses. Remember to choose each fashion with line, color, and texture in mind."

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