Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Country Club Chic" - 1934

"For any sporting occasion" from McCalls Magazine, June 1934. Note that the green and the yellow dress are the same pattern.

No. 7824. Country Club special! A dress that will mark you for attention on any veranda or sauntering along any street. The Buster Brown bow, the sleeve, the pocket all hove a way about them. Buttons march into a colorful closing.

No. 7837. Do you live in a sports silhouette all summer? Well, here is one that will spotlight you in simplicity. The roundly high neckline buttons down as low as you will. Stitched tucks give a straight forward line to the silhouette.

No. 7820. There's more than a dash of magnetism in this lively new sporting silhouette. The haltered sun back is just right for a love set at tennis. A butterfly bow will help you scintillate as you sit bock to enjoy the summer sunshine.


  1. I love these! The white and red is really great, i would wear it to lunch! and the halter is great for when its's really hot and you just want to lounge about sipping a cool drink and look fabulous doing it! i also LOVE the detailing on the brown suit in the previous post. I think that is what i like most about vintage styles, all the attention to detail.

    I just found you blog and can't wait to see what else you have found!

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