Friday, October 30, 2009

"The Jacket Dress" 1934

"The Jacket Dress provides complete costume chic" from McCalls Magazine in June of 1934. Don't miss the descriptions..."fairly glistening with fashion prestige"

No. 7825 Maedchen in a Uniform of Fashion. The Jacket Dress, without which neither you or your popularity will be complete. Ruffles cascade about a demure neckline to form a collar. A split capelet sleeve waves in the wind. The peplum ties appealingly.

No. 7846 Just a jabot! But what a smart difference it makes as it spreads wings from a roundly rolled collar. The dress is trimly tricky. The jacket is short and symmetrical with a split sleeve that is designed to expose a circle of frothy fullness.

No. 7850 The redingote, slim of line, trim of detail! It slips off and you have a dress, subtly soft, freshly formal and fairly glistening with fashion prestige. The link cuff sleeve of the coat expresses the modern mode. The bodice bow is fetchingly feminine.

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