Monday, April 12, 2010

Bates Creates Fabrics for Tomorrow - Prophetic Fashion - 1944

"You will admire this dress, but perhaps we should tell you that neither love nor money can buy it-just now. It's a Prophetic Fashion -specially designed by
Charles Armour
for next Spring ... a bright glimpse of 1945 fashion ... a style to come. Bates supplied the inspiration in the newest of fabrics. . . a sophisticated cotton batiste smooth as satin, with that wonderful feel of quality for which Bates is noted. It is one of the many lovely Bates creations in Fashion Fabrics-planned to forecast the smart trends of tommorrow.

At better stores, in smart dresses and by the yard. Bates Fabrics, Inc., 80 Worth St., New York City"

Bates Mills has an interesting history...Benjamin E. Bates started making fabrics during the civil war and the former employees now make "traditionally loomed bedspreads".
I tried to find out more about Charles Armour, but all I found was he was a dress manufacturer ...but he gets credit for this charmer!

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