Tuesday, April 27, 2010

La Familia - July 1943 - Lingerie and Neck

"Very varied the embroidery that adorn the garments illustrated in these pages: there are embroidered Richelieu, the last knot point and point festoons. The thread runs Richelieu white mercerized moderately thick, and the pieces are embroidered linen threading the needle with two strands of thin wire. The game was neck and cuffs made of cloth of white linen or pique, and the combination and skirt with shiny silk material or opaque, to withstand the frequent washings without deteriorating too much, these garments can be made in yellow straw, salmon, apricot , white or green blue Nile."

"The neck has the petals of a flower about to Feston petite and center of them, past and leaves of stem point, circle, the past, and stems on the verge of stem between the figures seen Richelieu flanges. The edge point ends with festoons. The fist is executed with the same design of the neck and embroidering as explained at the beginning of the paragraph.
The combination is decorated with small bows distributed in the legs of pants and top center. The bonds are embroidered in one thread pitch, which can be: blue, pink or white orchid, the last straight or diagonal stitches. The cordes of pants and Natalie end with rippling Scallop Stitch in contrasting color, or the same shade of ties. When embroidery is finished, trim excess fabric from the waves.
The skirt is embroidered with flowers and drawing numerous circles and groups foIlage. All circles, the last royal blue, the petals of daisies, a loop point pale yellow with orange center knot point, stems, ready to stalk and leaves a green loop point.
These three pictures are taken directly from one of the supplements of the magazine, where they are drawn to size."

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