Monday, April 5, 2010

A Lovely Oasis...a 1931 Summer Enchanted Isle

From the cover of Needlecraft Magazine, the July issue, 1931. The artist is Georgiana Brown Harbeson.

"WITHOUT question, no more artistic or beautiful magazine-cover has ever been seen than that by Georgiana Brown Harbeson which Needlecraft presents this month. We are all proud of it, as we feel we have a perfect right to be; and we are sure every one of our readers will be equally gratified, and glad to show it to her friends. Because it is so novel, so alluringly quaint and withal so simple, notwithstanding its gorgeousness, that no one can resist the charm of it.

Lovely as it is, however, the reproduction scarcely does full credit to the original, worked in soft, bright wools. As will be noted, the stitches are such as we have always been familiar with, and there is not a great variety; it is the placing or arrangement of them, with the artistic combination of colors and shades of color, that produces so marvelous a result. There is bewitchment in the very undertaking; and having once entered upon it, the creative urge is bound to seek expression.

Mrs. Harbeson names her needle-picture "Summer"; and it is certainly a vivid representation of the year's most royal season. One of our co-workers suggests that it be christened "The Enchanted Isle," which seems also a very fitting title. Let the choice be your own; the picture, whatever the designation, is sure to give the utmost pleasure both in the making and the having."

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