Friday, June 18, 2010

Chicago Mail Order Catalog - Spring and Summer 1939 - Part 2

"With or without their Boleros they're charmers!" And who could argue?
Enjoy a few more of these.

And some spectacular slack outfits!


  1. Wow..the colors are amazing! I am drooling over every piece!

  2. These pages are begging for captions.

    Page 1: Hi, I'm wearing a giant blue hershey's kiss on my head.
    Page 2: I moonlight as a Christmas elf.
    Page 3: (far right) I smell something stinky.
    Page 4: (orange dress) What do you mean I should have worn a slip? You can see my WHAT?
    Page 5: Who needs beach balls and sunglasses when I can pretend to be Japanese with this awesome hat?

    P.S. I'm pretty sure I have a picture of my grandmother in the same exact outfit, but without the hair covering(blue & yellow shirt and pants ensemble). She was kind of a hussy that way, not covering her hair.

  3. I am shocked to hear that your grandmother was a hussy!
    My grandmother would have been in that pink suit with the fur cuffs...she never wore pants in her life. (Took her girdles to the nursing home...that was fun.)

    This apple fell far from that tree. ;-)