Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glamour Magazine - 1943 - Be Bright, Be Cool, Be Nifty!

The next treasure is Glamour Magazine from April, 1943. There are lots of suits ( don't miss the Claire McCardell's shown in blue) and lot's of nifty details on the dresses. Have fun!

COVER: The flattering fedora-the hat you'll see on nine heads out of ten this Spring. Because it's a spruce hat for a spruce hairdo, and it makes the simplest suit more exciting. The smartest ones are doll-size, as this of white pique with a green hand. $5, Best. Gloves by Wear-Right. Make-up and lipstick are Lentheric's "Wonderful." Photograph by Lemus.


  1. Very Cool. Gorgeous cover on the mag

  2. These illustrations are fantastic! Simple, classy, timeless.

    I'll take one of those, and one of those. A couple of those...