Friday, January 28, 2011

Delineator Magazine - 1888 Ladies Costume and Toilette

Looking at these I was thinking about storage. These are dresses and hats are huge and must have had to hung in some sort of closet. And go into suitcases. And all those trims! How did this work? Wouldn't things get crushed? And did you just have an army of laundresses?

This is Butterick 2387, also shown below.

This "Ladies Toilette" - a Basque and a Walking Skirt. Don't miss her bird hat!


  1. I dunno, but I love bustles!

    p.s. My five year old daughter walked by as I was reading this & said, "Boy, those are pretty ladies!!!" :)


  2. They had very few clothes back then. Last year's best dress was ripped, sponged, turned, and re-made into this year's second-best, etc. Hats were retrimmed as seasons changed. Underclothing made of sturdy cotton muslin lasted for years.

  3. market hunting of birds and feathers for hats lead to the extinction of some species