Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fall & Winter Fashions at SINGER - 1969

"In these pages, you will find a sampling of the fabulous fabrics - from washable, wrinkle-free polyester double knits to elegant metallic brocades plus the up-to-the minute patterns and imaginative notions that are ready for you now at a nearby Singer store.

What is your pleasure - an elegant suit in a bright plaid? A snappy pants-and -poncho outfit? Or, perhaps you've been yearning for a soft, crepe at-home costume. You'll find all these and much more here.

Best of all, you can use these suggested combinations of fabric and pattern to spark your own ideas. For you, as a sewer, can create your own combinations to make fashions that are individually yours. And, as an extra bonus, you will be saving money at the same time."

This booklet features fabric with McCall patterns and LaMode buttons to "Let us help you enjoy sewing!"


  1. LOVE the Raja prints.

    Some of my favorite patterns are from 1969 -- I guess that aesthetic really speaks to me! Born a decade too late to have lived through those fashions, though.

    Neat blog! Just found it when I was Googling Betsey Johnson patterns.

  2. Welcome!
    Stick around there's more to see.