Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Delineator Magazine - 1888 "Ladies Top Garments"

This group is coats, cloaks, wraps. They must have been made of heavy fabrics and weighed a ton. Suggested fabrics are wools and velvets. And the trims were ribbons and silks. I can't imagine they were very practical in rain or snow.

These are labeled 434, 435, 436, 437.
The "Ladies Wrap" shown in 434, Butterick 2379 is below.

The "Ladies Walking Skirt" with 434 is Butterick 2349.

Number 434 is "Ladies Irish Peasant Cloak" Butterick pattern 2362.

In 436 we see a "Ladies Cloak" with subtle differences, Butterick 2365.

For 437 it's Butterick 2386, a "Ladies Wrap" with otter fur trim.

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  1. Delineator is a wonderful vinatge magazine. I love the last few days of fabulous pictures from Delineator.