Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dreaming The Happy Hours Away

I have just received a much loved (read: beat up) copy of The Woman Beautiful or Maidenhood, Marriage and Maternity, 500 pages of advice about everything pertaining to a young woman's life. My copy is so far gone that I can't be sure of the publisher, but other copies are dated from 1901 and the authors listed as Monfort B. Allen M.D and Amelia C. McGregor M.D., apparently they wrote a few of these all encompassing advice books. But remember, books such as these are often all a young gal had to get her through. We'll look at several bits here and be thankful we don't have to live under these rules, charming as they sound.
(The picture by the way is of me...just longing around)

"Young ladies who devote their time to leisure amusements and the follies that invariably attend them, should be regarded as entirely unworthy the notice of those young men who have any regard for a healthy and happy family."

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