Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hand Colored Engraved Fashion Plate - Mamas and Children!

This is another mystery plate with no date or clues except the fashions themselves. We've had wonderful luck with knowledgeable commenters and I hope that works this time too. The silhouette is very different, these clothes look much more wearable, but there are still lots of fancy seaming (look at the little boys outfit) and fussy frills, including that parasol and her looking glasses!
(Please click twice to really see this)


  1. It looks early 1800s. Post-regency. I think it's called Romantic era in English and Biedermaier in German.

  2. Thanks! Sometimes plates like this are printed in French, others (like this one) look American to my eye, but I hadn't considered Germany as a fashion leader. Which is very shortsighted of me.
    I think I need to get to a library. Any suggestions?

  3. I'd say this was definitely later than Romantic era (1825-1840ish). Probably late 1840s, early 1850s - the tiered skirts are so characteristic of the early 1850s.

    I love the little tiny parasol - perhaps it is meant to be perspective!