Monday, September 5, 2011

Redbook Magazine 1919 - Seven Beautiful Women

This is a fabulous find! Redbook Magazine from June 1919. There is lots to share but we are going to start with the "Art Section" and the seven "Beautiful Women". Actually we get to see an eighth because the cover gal is surely beautiful, but she isn't named. The artist is Haskell Coffin. See more of his work here.

Ada Mae Weeks in "Listen Lester" Photo by Campbell Studio, New York.

Florence Reed in "Roads of Destiny" Photo by Campbell Studio, New York.

Elinor Fair Film Play Star Photo by Evans, Los Angeles

Evelyn Gosnell in"Up in Mabel's Room" Photo by Campbell Studio, New York

Zola Talma in "Miss Nellie of N'Orleans" Photo by Charlotte Fairchild, New York

Alice Howard in Vaudville Photo by Moody Studio, New York

Marion Williams in "Stop, Look, Listen" Photo by Moody Studio, New York.


  1. What a fabulous find, and such stunning women!

  2. I love the 'old style, non smiling' poses. Prehaps I should use that as a tip, I always look so dorky trying to smile for the camera.

  3. These pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. I can't wait to see more of this issue! Fantastic!

  5. whata great issue, I met Ada Mae weeks, many years ago in New York City. I was in a coffee shop across from Bloomingdales having breakfast with a friend; when I was approached by a much older woman with a head full of blond hair, She asked me about my own hair, if it was a wig,!!! and then proceeded to tell me that she was indeed Ada Mae Weeks, former of the Zigfeild follies, Her sister Marion and she were performers at Amsterdam Theater and tavelled around Europe, What a great talk, a few years later , I read her obit.